Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Grand GPAT 2011 Mock Exam

Dear GPAT 2011 Aspirant,

Now that you are in the final phases of GPAT Examination, preparing to take the GPAT 2011 is the next step. The Grand GPAT 2011 mock exam held by™ can help you prepare by giving you a preview of the GPAT testing experience.

On the lighter side of the™, it has 50 practice exams and 10 expert tailor-made practice exams as per the GPAT 2011 pattern along with 60 video online classes are complementary to one another, and help students prepare for GPAT practice and to pass GPAT 2011.

Purpose of the Exam: Evaluates the abilities and skills required for end level GPAT practice as measured by GPAT 2011.

Exam Schedule: Scheduled during 1st May, 2011 to 4th May, 2011 (24 Hours).

Exam Format: Grand GPAT 2011 mock exam contains 150 questions, 4 options, MCQs, just like the GPAT 2011.Topics are presented and tested in the questions based on the syllabus/blueprint provided in the GPAT 2011.

Exam Fee: Grand GPAT 2011 mock exam costs Absolutely FREE.

Scoring: You can access your score report immediately after completing the Grand GPAT 2011 mock exam. While your score is indicative of what you can expect to achieve on the GPAT 2011, it is in no way a guarantee of passing GPAT 2011. Performance reports for the Grand GPAT 2011 Mock exam provide diagnostic information about the likelihood of success on GPAT 2011 is included based on the total score earned.

Result & Rank: Results will be announced on 5th May, 2011 with All India Ranking (AIR) among the participants of Grand GPAT 2011 mock exam conducted by™.

Availability: To take the Grand GPAT 2011 mock exam.Register Now

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  1. Its sad that we missed it by 2-3 years. But I found a useful link for the latest GPAT Syllabus. Check it out: